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Internet Security
Browsing the internet without security tools is not really a good idea. The number of cyber crime activities  increases permanently. It becomes more and more difficult not being a victim of cyber crooks. See below what helps, but it still can't guarantee not become infected.

dec1 Don't connect to the Internet without running a firewall.
dec1 Keep you OS up to date.
dec1 Always run actual security software on the PC.  read more
Time Zones and Country Main Voltages
Check before departure, if you wish that your equipment is still functioning well at your destination. It is possible to adjust different plugs by using suitable plug converters. However, voltage and particularly the frequency is not convertible that easy.  read more

At the beginning is always an idea

Knowhow and solutions
Laser melting, laser technologies, metal part casting, induction heaters, induction controls, vacuum casting, high precision linear technologies, electronics, layout print development, melting pots.
...and developers who make these happen.


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