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Internet Security

lock Use computer accounts with limited rights for connections with the internet. Not giving malware admin right for installation.
lock Do not install indiscriminately freeware. More and more cyber crooks using freeware to drop malware on computer systems.
lock Use a spam filter to eliminate the high amount of spam sent to e-mail addresses. Do not open attachments of unsolicited mails or advertising.
lock Never use private WLANs with basic credential settings. WPS2 is actually the most secure encryption standard. Do not use the older WEP.
lock Computer systems with internet access must have a security software installed.
lock Never publish personal data on the internet. It is virtually impossible delete information on the internet.
lock Don't fall for dubious suppliers. Is your money once transferred to any Asian account, it is virtually impossible getting something back.   
lock A healthy suspicion is always needful during browsing the internet. A high number of internet activities have crime nature today.
lock Check entries of domain registrars in case of doubt. Serious site operator are listed at the registrars whois lookup table. Site operators working with opt-out or using domain anonymization services for hiding there identity are probably not quit serious.
lock Tip: The list of gTLD registries at the right provides links to relevant registry whois lookups.
The tips above can help but they will not guarantee safety internet use. Internet crime more and more operates on a high professional level and is hard to identify.

Domain Registrars

eu EURid
com InterNIC
net InterNIC
info InterNIC
dk dk-hostmaster
uk nominet
... because the danger is all around you and on the internet for sure!


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